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Couples, Siblings & Small Group Training

Beginning at $150 for couples and going up in price depending upon how many members of the small group, BD Performance Racing will tailor an adventurous learning opportunity full of fun and positive skill development.  Contact BD Performance Racing today for a specific quote and training session information.


    Dependent on size and skill level of the couple or small group, BD Performance Racing will build a program to meet your individual racing needs plus include a little adventurous fun to make memories and build upon the positive experience.  Whether looking for one day of training or a multi-day clinic, BD Performance Racing will improve your racing skill, build confidence, and enhance your overall enjoyment of skiing on the beautiful Cascade peak of Mt. Hood.


    BD Performance Racing will provide a full refund is cancellation occurs more than 7 calendar days prior to the scheduled session(s).  50% refund will be granted if cancellation occurs 24-36 hours in advance of the session(s).  No refund will be granted for same-day cancellations.