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Spring: Three-Day Youth Clinic

Visit BD Performance Racing at beautiful Mt. Hood, Oregon where the snow base is abundant and the sun is shining.  Train for your end-of-season local and regional races as well as the "Golden Rose" and "Summer Fun Nationals" on the Magic Mile and Palmer Snow Field located at Timberline Lodge & Ski Area where BD.PR's youth clinics and trainings will be conducted.  Take advantage of the home 'court', with expert coaches from the area, while space is still available! 


Youth clinics are open to adolescent skiers of all ages and abilities, but must have previous skiing experience and arrive ready to train with all appropriate equipment.  If assistance is required, in advance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our coaches.


    BD Performance Racing will provide a full refund is cancellation occurs more than 7 calendar days prior to the scheduled session(s).  50% refund will be granted if cancellation occurs 24-36 hours in advance of the session(s).  No refund will be granted for same-day cancellations.

$200.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price